30 Day Facebook Ad Experiment - Week 1 Recap

It's been one week, almost to the minute since I launched my 30 Day Facebook Ads experiment. Instead of beating around the bush, here's a picture:

Ouch.  That's not good.

YUP! One like! Woo hoo! Let's examine the numbers a little more closely.

PCA (Potential Campaign Audience):520,000 people
Campaign Reach (Actual):808 people
Percent of Potential Reached: .15% (or 3/20ths)

By only having a budget of $1 per day, I was able to reach less than 1 percent of my potential audience. Why so low? I obviously wasn't paying enough to reach the people I wanted to reach.

It is time to pivot.

This week I'm going to basically steal an idea from a friend of mine, Erik Olson. I might do fantastic work, but that doesn't necessarily help bring in business. Offering people incentive to do the work for me might.

Today I'm starting a week trial of an ad that will refer people to my special page called "Refer a Client, Get $500". That's right. Cash.

The goal is to basically bait switch the ad. If you saw "Refer a Client, Get $500" in the sidebar of Facebook, would you click on it? I'm hoping so. If a fraction of the people that click on the link actually refer a client, I'm hoping that will be good for me.


What do you think? Will this be more successful, or about the same? Tell me in the comments.

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