757DevCon Venue Tour - Part 1

This post should have happened several weeks ago, but time has gotten away from me. Apologies for that!

One of the more difficult problems with putting on a conference is finding a venue that can meet as many of your needs as possible. We've been collecting a list of venues that are worth checking out (feel free to send pull requests with your ideas). All of them are great, but we're trying to find the one that works the best for us.

In June, Erik Olson and I visited the brand new TCC Chesapeake Student Center. I'd love to jot down a couple of my notes and thoughts, and I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments.


The Chesapeake TCC Campus is located off Cedar Rd and Dominion Blvd in Chesapeake. As of this writing (August 2014), there is a bunch of construction on Dominion leading up to a new bridge. Construction is due to complete on the first phase in February, which would work very well for a 757DevCon since you would have a straight shot off I-64 to the venue.

Breakout Rooms

Realistically, the venue has three main rooms that are suitable for our needs.

Breakout room

First is the big room. It's multi-purpose, and the size of a basketball court. This would be great for keynotes, meals, and breakout sessions.

You'll also notice we're looking at the room from an upstairs window. You could potentially watch sessions from this room (it's a game room... more on that in a moment).

There are two smaller breakout rooms:
Breakout room

Breakout room

These rooms can accommodate between 50-90 people depending on our arrangement.

Fun outside sessions

Sometimes you might want to do something outside normal breakout sessions. You're covered:


There is a full game room that we'd be able to rent out. Play pool, Xbox, Playstation, or a small collection of board games!



Maybe you just want to sit around and hack on code? We have you covered as well:

Sitting area Sitting area

Patios didn't have furniture yet Patio Patio Patio

Wrapping up

Erik and I had a blast touring the venue. This is one option of many, and we would love to hear your ideas on other potential places to go.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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