Announcing MADExpo

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we’re a productive group.  We host code camps in  most of our major areas, we have a dozen very successful user groups, and we’re dedicated to making developers like ourselves better at what they do.

A couple months ago, we held a leadership summit for the Mid-Atlantic.  Several of us discussed the possibility of hosting a major event in our area, similar to a CodeStock, DevLink, or CodeMash.

MADExpo was born.

So what is MADExpo?  Short for Mid Atlantic Developer Expo, it’s a two day event that spans across several aspects of the development community.  Whether you’re a Ruby or .NET guy, or you’re active in robotics and microcontrollers, we want you to come to MADExpo.

I'm personally very excited to see MADExpo come together, because it's right in my back yard (Hampton, VA).  If you come out to MADExpo, be sure to bring your family, since you're only minutes away from theme parks, beaches, historical areas, museums, and whatever else you could imagine.

When is MADExpo?

June 30th and July 1st, 2011

Where is MADExpo?

Hampton, VA.  Venue details will come soon.

Can I sign up to speak?

Absolutely!  We haven’t opened up speaker submissions yet, but we will soon.  Please keep an eye out.

Where can I learn more?!

Go to!

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