Books I Read in 2016

Reading is amazingly important. A long time ago I read a book that discussed traits of successful people, and the number one similarity I saw was »

Exploring C# 7.0: Out Variables

In this series, I want to explore a couple of the new C# 7.0 features coming down the pipeline. As with most things, I am »

Interview with Michael Rollins for HRDevFest 2016

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Michael Rollins to talk about life as a mobile SDK developer, drones, and his upcoming »

Review: NCache by Alachisoft

As a consultant, I will typically walk into situations I refer to as “application triage”. The issues are many, but there are recurring issues that tend »

Powershell: How to recursively delete files based of file extension?

File this under "took me WAY too long to figure out how to do". I just finished doing a Git merge, and ran into an issue »

Open Source Mentality of Choosing Your Tech Stack

When I initially wrote Non-Tech Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Tech Stack, I left out one important conversation point: Open Source. Steve and Carol got »

Non-Tech Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Tech Stack

Greenfield projects are typically a great deal of fun. It is something new and exciting! No legacy code that will bog down or needlessly frustrate the »

The 10% Rule to Presentations

When mentoring new technical speakers, I like to cite what I call "the 10% rule". Think about it like this: If you are presenting on a »

A "Revolution" is Coming

A couple years ago, I was involved in a project called MADExpo, or the Mid-Atlantic Developer Expo. An amazing, dedicated group of people came together and »

Managing Your User Group: Food

Edit: Based off some comments, I've included options for non-lovers of meat. Also added other comments. For a lot of user groups, food depends highly on »

Enable SignalR Logging with One Simple Line

It is easy to think that SignalR works within a black box, but if you are deploying JavaScript clients, here is an EASY trick to learning »

SignalR Transports Explained

When I sit down to talk to people about SignalR, a common discussion we have is around transports and what the difference between them are. While »

Banks, ATMS, and Horrible User Experiences

Note: I'm pretty much going to rant about a bank experience I had. Lessons aren't obvious, but if you're designing something that's pretty dang important... make »

Paying Attention

Last week I did a training gig for a great group of folks out on the west coast. I worked from the comfort of my home »

Managing Your User Group: Locations

A common misconception a lot of new user group leaders have is that they need the perfect location for their user group. While that thought is »

How I'm Beating Email Addiction

Today, I really want to talk about email, because I see people everywhere having the same issue with email that I had. I used to be »

No matter what you do: add value

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with a gentleman about a potential mentoring gig. The way I like to approach these sort of talks is »

How to run Visual Studio Code from Zsh on Mac OSX

EDIT: You can just do this from Visual Studio Code now. Using Visual Studio Code on your Mac, but can't call it from Zsh? Using Terminal? »

How to run Visual Studio Code from Terminal on Mac OSX

Edit 06/24/2016: You can just do this from Visual Studio Code now. Edit 12/10/2015: Thanks for commenter on letting know that latest »

Building Real Time Web Applications with SignalR

Thanks so much for those that attended my talk on Building Real Time Web Applications with SignalR! It was a blast to chat with everyone. Here »

Managing Your User Group: Sponsor Relationships

As a user group leader, you might have this feeling that you need to get sponsors for your user group. This is a common feeling! In »

Managing Your User Group: Calendar Roulette

One trait of successful user groups is don't play calendar roulette. Meaning: they chose a time or day each month to hold the group meeting. We »

I suck at writing unit tests, but I'm trying to change

65 tests I have just hit a personal record when it comes to writing unit tests. A measly 65 unit tests. I've always noticed that there »