Community Credit September Winner!

Community Credit

I just received a message in my inbox that I won the 1st place prize for Community Credit!  The 1st place prize for September was a SpyKite!


How did I win the prize?  At the beginning of September, I decided that I was going to keep track of everything that I do community-wise that would earn points on Community Credit.  I attended code camp and user groups.  I did all the prep for HRNUG, including meeting reminders, setting up the chairs in the venue, arranging sponsors, giving out swag, etc.  I arranged an HRNUG geek dinner, which went great.

When I look back on all my contributions, I realize that I couldn't have done it without the community as a whole.  There isn't a single person running the community.  It takes a dedicated group of folks to put on these events and to bring people together.

Thanks to everyone in the community that help me be successful.

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