Getting Ready for #NoVaCC

NoVa Code Camp (  is this weekend.  I'm going to be presenting my "What is this WPF?!" presentation again.  I'm limited to an hour, so I'm probably going to cut out my demo on Expression Blend.  I'll have it just in case, but I doubt I'll have time for it.  If you were looking forward to that, go to Joel Cochran's talk.  He's the Blend master!

I think I'm going to retire this presentation.  It was good for my first presentation ever, but I'd like to move on to a few more subjects that interest me.  Some stuff I have planned include jQuery, Win7 development, Azure, and more WPF stuff.

I enjoy doing entry level presentations.  While doing a 200-300 level talk is great, you're really narrowing your audience.  Also, I don't think I'm capable for such a high level talk yet.

See you all Saturday!

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