Griff's Year in Review 2012

Another year has come and gone, and now I guess it's time to reflect about what got done.

My most popular post of the year was Why Should ASP.NET Developers Consider SignalR for All Projects?  I felt really good about this post, because I've been following SignalR since it was first announced, and I've seen it grow from a small beta release to a full part of the ASP.NET stack

2012 also brought on changes in my career.  Last year (2011), I started my own company and did a whole bunch of work with ComponentOne.  Early in the year, we parted ways and I moved on full time as a software consultant.  These past several months have been the most beneficial to me professionally.  I've worked with several fantastic clients, and I'm hoping to see many of them continue on into 2013.

I'd also say that 2012 marked my departure from .NET as a "go-to" solution for all my projects.  As I'm growing professionally, I'm learning that there are tons of great platforms for solving problems.  Most of my non-.NET time was spent working with node.js.  You might even notice that a good number of my blog posts are reflecting around this topic.  I absolutely love where this technology is going.

This year was successful for my startup, Winsitter.  My business partner, Bret, and I did lots of great work and got Winsitter into public beta for all to see.  While we had hopes of going live with our paid model before the end of the year, we've wanted to make sure that everything was in a place where we felt comfortable before charging people money for our product.  My next big push with Winsitter is to get the last wrinkle ironed out, and start grabbing some credit card numbers.

As we go into 2013, I have big goals for myself.

First, I'd like to see my businesses grow substantially.  Both Winsitter and Griffin Consulting have the potential to be larger businesses.  I also have a couple other small business ideas that I'd like to pursue.  You never know, I might build something over the course of a weekend that makes millions of dollars (so start saving up).  By the way, did you know I'm available for consulting?

Second, I want to promote developers in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area much more than I have in the past.  The Hampton Roads .NET Users Group has been great to me, and I still think it's the premier developer group in Hampton Roads.  However, I feel it's very much one-sided.  Keep an eye open if you're in the area, because I have plans.

Third, INETA growth.  You're going to see some big changes in how INETA interacts with user groups in the community.  I only have one more year to serve on the board, and many of my plans should start falling into place (mwhahaha).

Fourth, I'd really like to speak at a large conference (aka not a code camp).  I feel like I really have a lot of great material to work with and share.  All I need to do is get that material in front of an audience.  You'll see me submitting to several of the large conferences, and then praying that I get accepted.

That's a good place to stop.  I'm looking forward to 2013, and I hope you are too.  Rock on folks, and be awesome.


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