Hampton Roads .NET Users Group - First Meeting Success!

The first meeting was a big success! We had over 30 attendees, which is outstanding for a first meeting. It's amazing to see how big the .NET community really is.

Lessons learned:
- Don't trust Google Maps or Live Maps to get people to your location. Give them step-by-step directions. - There is no such thing as enough chairs. - 25 ft VGA cables need high refresh rates to work properly. - Have a plan B presentation lined up in case the speaker doesn't/can't show.

Guy Hurst was our guinea pig for this sessions, and special thanks to him. He did a awesome job, and we look forward to having him back for another session a few months down the line.

Next step for the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group is to get a website that can be better used to provide information to the public. I will be the speaker in February. My talk will be on Windows Presentation Foundation, and I'll show some of the basic concepts that a WinForms developer will have to learn to make the leap.

I was going to post pictures, but 80% of them are of me and people wouldn't appreciate that! Sorry!

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