How To: Use ASP.NET MVC on a Host Without MVC Support

I've been working on the web site for the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group, and I really wanted to do some work with ASP.NET MVC.  So I created a new MVC application, and decided to test it against my host.  I published, and went to the site.  Configuration errors.  That's never a good sign.  Turns out my host does not have the MVC extensions installed.

However!  My host supports ASP.NET 3.5, so it is possible to run MVC applications.  I just needed to make a few quick configuration changes.

In Visual Studio, go to your solution explorer, and expand you References.


There are 3 references you want to look at.

  • System.Web.Abstractions
  • System.Web.MVC
  • System.Web.Routing

Set the Copy Local property to TRUE.  This way you can make sure your applicaton packages the missing extensions for you.  With these changes, I was able to upload and run the MVC application from my host with no problem.

Hope this helps anyone one that wanted to use MVC, but didn't think their host supported it.

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