Introducing Blend-O-Rama

Silverlight and WPF are starting to pop up all over the place.  XAML is on the web, on your phone, and soon coming to other devices.  Developers are starting to embrace this technology, but tools such as Expression Blend are still not being fully embraced by designers and developers a like.

My good friend, Joel Cochran, is what you would call an Expression “freak”.  Seriously!  In Joel’s mind, Expression Blend is the greatest thing since the AS-400.  Many times we’ve joked about Joel doing a single day of nothing but Blend related talks.  He was this close to getting that wish at the last Richmond Code Camp.

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to give Joel his dream.  Using the resources of the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group, we’re presenting Blend-O-Rama.  During the week of July 19th, we’re going to present 5 “lunch and learn” web casts on Expression Blend.  Joel will take you from zero to hero in 5 days.

There is plenty of room in the LiveMeeting.  If you want get in on the action, head over to and register now!  We’ll use this registration to let you know the URL of the LiveMeeting.

Still not sold?  Check out this agenda:

July 19th  - An Introduction to Expression Blend
Microsoft Expression Blend is the premier GUI editor for WPF and Silverlight applications.In this presentation you will receive an introduction to the Blend UI and how to use it to quickly and easily build an application interface.  Topics will include Configuration, Layout Controls, how to leverage Blend with Visual Studio, and more.

July 20th - Data Binding in Expression Blend
Data Binding is one of the key features of WPF and Silverlight.  This presentation demonstrates and explains the Data Binding tools and features of Blend.  Includes discussions of Data Context, Value Converters, Element Binding, Sample Data and more.  With these tools you really can bind anything to anything.

July 21st - Templating in Expression Blend
An introduction to using Microsoft Expression Blend to leverage Templating in WPF and Silverlight applications. Templates provide a powerful way to enact GUI changes in the application presentation layer without requiring code behind manipulation. The power of Templating provides unlimited potential for enhancing your GUI.

July 22nd - Animating Business in Blend
Discusses how to use animation to enhance line of business applications and demonstrates how to create and employ them in Blend. Topics will include Animations, Triggers, Events, and the Visual State Manager.

July 23rd - Advanced Topics in Blend
Discusses how to take Blend to the next level. Topics will include Behaviors, Graphic manipulations, Audio and Video, Theming, and more.


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