Introducing Winsitter

I have this day job working with ComponentOne as a Developer Evangelist.

But a lot of you might not know about a project I’ve been working on in my spare time.  Close to a year ago, I had a lunch meeting with a good friend of mine, Bret Fisher.  Bret was a mentor to me when I was in college, trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  Bret has been Systems Engineer for a long time, and is my go to guy when I need information about so weird quirk about Windows Server.  So if you need quality IT consulting for your business, you should totally contact him.

Lunch.  Wings were particularly good that day, but most importantly, the idea of Winsitter was “born”.  Monitoring solutions for Window Servers are a dime a dozen, but most of them are nothing more than glorified ping solutions.  If you wanted more, you have to pay thousands of dollars for site licenses.  In small to medium size businesses, where IT is a secondary budget item to begin with, this isn’t feasible.

Enter Winsitter.

Winsitter is a service that provides detailed monitoring and analysis of your Windows Servers without the massive fees.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to constantly watch over your servers, and the checklist of things that could go wrong is a full time job.  Winsitter will take care of all this for you, and better yet, it’ll notify you if something isn’t right and requires your attention.

Our motto is “We Babysit Your Windows Servers" and that is a fantastic way to explain the service.

Currently, we are in private beta for Winsitter.  Meaning, you should go to Winsitter now and register for the beta.  We’re letting people in weekly!  Let me know if you register in the comments, and I’ll definitely make sure you get in.

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