Keeping Up With Goals: Part I

It's been quite a while since my last blog entry.  Life and work has been extremely busy.  Now I'm at a point where I need to step back and re-evaluate some of my goals for the future.

First, I'm studying to take my 70-536 Microsoft certification.  I took it a few weeks ago to give it a try.  The test was courtesy of a voucher I picked up at a code camp a while back, and it was due to expire.  I figured it was worth failing a test to at least learn what I needed to work on.  Of course, I need to work on everything!  Studying for a code based exam is difficult.  But how can that be!?  I work with code 10 hours a day every day of the week.  There shouldn't be any reason not to know code inside and out.

I have no excuse, except I work with a tool that has made my job easier in every way possible.  Visual Studio knows what I need to code before I even start typing.  I have not had to memorize code syntax in several years, because the tool does it for me.  Instead, I would have liked to see the test talk about ideas behind the framework, and not whether a class has an overloaded constructor.

However, I'm determined to pass the test.  Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be spending time studying for the test again.  Next time, I'm going to whoop it.

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