Keeping Up With Goals: Part II

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My next goal is to try to read more books.  There are several pieces of good advice I've picked up in my adult life.  First, you should emulate people you want to be like.  For example, if you want to be wealthy, you should do what wealthy people do and take the advice of wealthy people.  You wouldn't take wealth building advice from a poor person, would you?  If they knew better, they would be wealthy!  If I want to be a great developer, I should emulate the practices of other great developers.  I feel I've been able to surround myself with great developers, and, slowly, I've been picking up their habits.  One of these habits is another good piece of advice: successful people are always reading books.

Of course, books don't have to be programming related.  I'm interested in building myself as a professional.  That doesn't necessarily mean a book about learning Entity Framework (although Julie Lerman's book is sitting on my shelf, just aching for me to open it), ASP.NET MVC, or whatever.  Books about development processes and project management are appealing to me.  Any way I can possibly improve the processes I use in my daily job.

Currently, I have a backlog of probably 6-8 books I'd like to read.  As soon as I pass my 70-536, I'm going to start reading Code Complete.  Anyone you meet will describe it as the Bible of software development, and I'm sure that reading it would not be a waste of time.  After that, I have The Nomadic Developer to read.

Additionally, I plan on posting reviews of the books I read.  Writing a report of a book forces you to think about the subject matter at a deeper level.  This will also give me a chance to pose questions to the community.  It's all about personal progression.

In the comments, what books do you recommend for professional progression?

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