MADExpo Alumni? What's your best moment in MADExpo history?

MADExpo 2013 has recently opened it's doors, marking the third year of this awesome conference.  We feel that MADExpo is a great conference for bringing together old friends, cultivating new friendships, and overall: building amazing things!

But my opinion of MADExpo is biased.  I've been involved with the conference since the inception.  I really want to hear from you all.  Your opinions shape this conference, and directly influence how we make it better.

Here's my request to you: I really want to hear about one of your favorite moments in MADExpo history.  Maybe it was a great game of bowling at our attendee party last year?  Maybe it was watching the high school robotics team show off their latest hoop shooting robot?  Whatever it was, we want to know!

If you have a blog, we'd love to see a post about what MADExpo meant to you (don't forget to tell us about it).  If you don't, leave a comment.  We'd love to showcase all the great moments of MADExpo, via our Twitter and Facebook pages.  And you never know, maybe we'll have prizes for some of the best moments to cross our path.

If you blog about your best moment, tell us either via our Twitter account or here on my blog.  I'll make sure that it gets into our pipeline.

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