MADExpo Family Fun Feature #1

Thinking about attending MADExpo as either a speaker or attendee?  The Hampton Roads area has many awesome attractions that will give your family members plenty to do while you’re off enjoying yourself at the conference.  In this series, I’m going to skim the surface on some of the really cool things you can do in Hampton Roads.

Series Recap:

  1. Virginia Air and Space Center (this post)

Virginia Air and Space Center



Adults: $9.00
Children (3-18): $7.00

Located in Hampton, Virginia, the birthplace of America’s space program, the Virginia Air & Space Center features dozens of hands-on air and space exhibits, a premiere interactive aviation gallery that spans 100 years of flight, more than 30 historic aircraft, unique space flight artifacts and more! Your imagination will soar as you launch a rocket, pilot a space shuttle, become an air traffic controller, fly an airplane, and climb aboard a WWII bomber! Come face to face with the Apollo 12 Command Module that went to the moon, a Mars meteorite, a DC-9 passenger jet, a replica 1903 Wright Flyer and more!

Griff’s Note:

I’ve been to the Virginia Air and Space Center several times in my life.  It’s a located in a great part of Hampton, with free parking and close to other attractions.  It’s nothing like a Smithsonian, but you and your kids are sure to have a great time looking at the attractions.  This facility also has an IMAX theater with educational movies, and a blockbuster hit (depends on the time of year).

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