MVP For Another Year (now in ASP.NET)

Looks like Microsoft has granted me the title of MVP again for another year

However, unlike last year when I was a Client Application Development MVP, this time around they've moved me into the ASP.NET/IIS product group.  Really, I feel this is the group where I can really grow and reach out, as most of my day to day work is using ASP.NET.  At the time when I received my first MVP award, I was doing a little bit in WPF and Silverlight, but my focus wasn't in those spaces.

And besides, this is probably a good move seeing how Windows 8 is going to be all HTML5 and JavaScript. </sarcasm, please don't take my MVP away>

Congrats to all new and renewed MVPs in all expertise's.  Even if I had lost my MVP, I would continue doing the work that I do every day in the community.  Without this community I don't know where I would be in my career.

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