New Virginia INETA Mentor

Since my election to the INETA Board of Director, I’m no longer able to serve as the INETA mentor for Virginia.  I am proud to announce that we’ve found a fine successor to take over for me: Joel Cochran.

A bit about Joel:

Joel Cochran is an Expression Blend MVP and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Windows Forms and WPF. He is the founder of BlendSIG, a virtual Special Interest Group focused in Expression Blend and author of "Expression Blend in Action" by Manning Publications. He is also the author of "The Practical MVVM Manifesto" ( He has been developing or Windows since 2003 and is a self-proclaimed "Blend Evangelist". A frequent speaker at User Groups and Code Camps, he enjoys teaching and writing about .NET and other topics. You can find him online at or on Twitter at Joel has served as the Director of Operations for Stonewall Technologies, Inc., an ISV, in Staunton, VA, since 2000.

Everyone in Virginia should already be aware of Joel, so I’m hoping this is a smooth process of transition.  Huge thanks to Joel for coming on board, and we’re looking forward to the future!

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