Review: Azure In Action

I was recently asked to review Azure In Action by Chris Hay and Brian H. Prince.  Azure In Action is being published by Manning Publications, and is scheduled for release in August 2010.  Check out the web page at

Azure In Action is divided into six parts.  The various parts are skillfully designed to take a reader from not knowing anything about Azure to writing scalable, healthy applications in the cloud.  All facets of Azure developer are covered: development fabric, web roles, worker roles, blobs, table storage, queues, SQL Azure, AppFabric, etc.  Whether you’re new to Azure, or a seasoned professional, Azure In Action is a bookshelf requirement if you’re working with Azure.

I’m looking forward to seeing updates to the book coming down the line.  With the recent release of the latest Azure SDK, I’m expecting the book to be updated with some of the latest deployment features and SDK changes.  Currently, I haven’t seen an update to the book and I don’t know if the update is in the works.  My review is based off the pre-June update.

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