Review My 2010 Presentation Abstracts

I’m hard at work right now preparing some presentations for the 2010 code camp/user group season.  In order to make these presentations the best they possibly could be, I’m putting them out for the public to see and review.

Asynchronize with jQuery

jQuery is a fantastic tool for web developers interested in giving their web applications a little glitz and glamor. In addition to its powerful DOM transversal engine, jQuery also comes equipped for handling AJAX requests. In this presentation, Kevin Griffin will guide you through getting started with jQuery’s AJAX functionality. A basic understand of jQuery is recommended, however not required for this presentation.

Awesomize Your Windows Apps

With the release of Windows 7, many developers might be looking to take advantage of the features Windows 7 offers. This presentation offers attendees a broad overview of the Windows API Code Pack, which is a managed library for .NET developers to use for accessing some of the underlying functionality of Windows that was typically reserved for Interop fans. Topics and demos include Windows 7 taskbar functionality, Task dialogs, Libraries support, and more.

ASP.NET MVC From The Ground Up

ASP.NET MVC has taken the web development world by storm. It’s a technology that many people are curious about, but might have had trouble adopting. In this presentation, we’ll take a look at ASP.NET MVC from the ground up. We’ll peel back the layers, and look at each component of MVC individually without the Test Driven Development or Dependency Injection mantra. The goal is for you to walk out of this talk with enough knowledge of MVC to dive in! This talk assumes no experience with MVC or Web Forms (although some web forms knowledge would be helpful).

jQuery From The Ground Up

Web 2.0 has taken over; there is no doubt about it.  However, many developers are being left in the dust.  Amazing technologies such as jQuery allow developers to easily add flair to their web applications.  In this presentation, Kevin Griffin will guide you through the world of jQuery.  Starting from the bottom, we will discuss what is possible with jQuery, how do you obtain and setup jQuery in your projects, and then actually putting jQuery to work.  This presentation is designed for developers with no experience with jQuery (or Javascript in general).  An understanding of HTML and CSS is recommended.

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