Richmond Code Camp 2009.1 THIS SATURDAY!

I love code camp season, and this week is Richmond Code Camp.  Richmond will always be a special event for me, because it was my first code camp experience.  Of course, that was back when Richmond Code Camp was at ECPI.  It was a great venue, but we outgrew it so quickly.  Now we're in the awesome J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  Last year we were the first event to ever be held in their new technology building, and believe me, we have tons of room to grow.

This year is also special, because it's the first Richmond Code Camp I'm speaking at.  I will be giving my "Intro to WPF" talk ("What is this WPF Thing?").  I'm looking very forward to mingling with the community and the other speakers.

Are you going to Richmond Code Camp?  You should be!  It's THIS SATURDAY (April 25th).  Go to for registeration information.  Hurry!  There are limited seats and they are almost filled!

See you all there!

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