Series: Tips for New Developers

Hello New Developer!  You know who you are.  You just recently graduated from XYZ school with a degree in Computer Science or something similar.  For the past four years you've dealt with professors trying to "teach" you what its like to design and develop software.  In fact, you've probably felt you were 10 times smarter than all your professors put together.  You also probably think that C++ is going to be the only programming language you will ever need to know.  Congratulations to you, because your education has just begun.

I know what you must be thinking, what did I just spend the past 4 years of my life doing?  You learned how to learn.  You were exposed to a slice of how the development world works.  Your first job as a junior software developer is crucial.  You're going to be exposed to a lot of new ideas and ways of thinking.  Beware though, because not all ideas are good.

Who am I to explain to a new developer what life is going to be like over the next few years?  Well, I'm in your shoes.  I've been out of school for 3 years, and I've been plowing down the same road as you.  I've learned many lessons, and I'm willing to share what I've learned with you to make your journey easier.  I'm also hoping that during this series, other developers will give their input.

My next post will kick off the series, which will be entitled "The Programmers Toolbox".

Enjoy, and I welcome all comments.

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