Sharepoint Saturday 2009.1 Thoughts

I had the opportunity to attend Sharepoint Saturday 2009.1 this past Saturday. I would like to think I had a unique perspective on the event because I am not a Sharepoint guy. You can talk lists and sites all day to me, and I'll nod and pretend like I know what you're talking about. This event showed me that Sharepoint is definitely a technology I need to keep my eye on.

Special thanks to the Sharepoint Saturday committee. You guys did a great job. Thanks to all the attendees. Without the community, an event such as this would have never been possible. I'm told that Sharepoint Saturdays are being planned all across the country. I would definitely recommend attending if you're a total Sharepoint newbie or if you're a seasoned Sharepoint administrator.

Most of my time was spent in the speakers lounge. I met tons of new people including: Dux Raymond Sy, Joel Oleson, Tim Yagla, Josh Carlisle, Becky Isserman,and Todd Bleeker. I was able to spend time with friends Susan Lennon, Kevin Israel, Jessica Moss, Robin Edwards, and Michael Lotter. Great conversations. I can't wait for code camp season to start up full swings so I can have more great conversations with these folks.

Speaking of code camps, I guess I got talked into speaking at Roanoke Code Camp this March. My topic of choice will be Windows Presentation Foundation, and giving folks a simple overview of how WPF applications work and how they need to start thinking about client applications. So if that interests you, make plans to come out to Roanoke.

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