Review: NCache by Alachisoft

As a consultant, I will typically walk into situations I refer to as “application triage”. The issues are many, but there are recurring issues that tend »

We Want You To Speak at MADExpo 2013

MADExpo is June 24-26 in Hampton, VA.  Think beaches, museums, historical sites, NASA research, theme parks, and great fun at a technical conference! It's that time »

Hear me speak this week!

Hello internet friends! If just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be doing a couple talks this week in Virginia that you »

Why You Should Attend MADExpo 2011

A couple weeks ago we announced that we’re going to be holding our first regional event here in the Mid Atlantic, and the name of »

Learn about Windows 7 Task Dialogs

Please take a few minutes and travel over to DeveloperFusion where my latest article on Windows 7 Task Dialogs has been published.  If you’ve »

Road to Certification

When I was in college, I worked for an IT shop.  I went around and fixed machines, and did the basic tech support type of stuff »