Community Megaphone Podcast with @JoelCochran

Take a few minutes and head over to the Community Megaphone Podcast, and listen to their latest podcast with guest Joel Cochran. Joel is a good »

The XAML Experiment

The main selling point of a language such as XAML is that it can be read and written by both developers and designers.  Oddly enough, every »

Richmond Code Camp 2009.1

Richmond Code Camp 2009.1 is Saturday, April 25th. What is a code camp?  A code camp is an all day event for developers by developers. »

Presenting at HRNUG tomorrow night

Tomorrow (2/10/2009) night I will be presenting at my user group, Hampton Roads .NET Users Group.  If you're in the area, please come down »

What Is This WPF Thing?!

So at the next meeting of the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group, I'm going to be giving my first professional presentation.  It's a bit exciting, because »

Hampton Roads .NET Users Group - First Meeting Success!

The first meeting was a big success! We had over 30 attendees, which is outstanding for a first meeting. It's amazing to see how big the »

Possible WPF LOB & MVVM Training in the Mid-Atlantic

I'm opening this up for discussion to all our community friends in the Mid-Atlantic. I've been chatting with Karl Shifflett from Microsoft about possibility having a »