We Want You To Speak at MADExpo 2013

MADExpo is June 24-26 in Hampton, VA.  Think beaches, museums, historical sites, NASA research, theme parks, and great fun at a technical conference!

It's that time of year again, and MADExpo Speaker Submissions are open to the public!  As the speaker coordinator, I wanted to take a moment and chat with you all about what we're looking for as far as speakers.

TL;DR Just go register to speak http://madexpo.us/speakers

What technologies does MADExpo focus on?

It might be a little misleading that a lot of the leadership of MADExpo might come from a heavy Microsoft and .NET background.  Does that mean we're trying to shape MADExpo to be yet another .NET oriented conference.  Of course not.  I like .NET, but also really enjoy learning about other technologies that people use to solve problems.

I want people to submit talks on Ruby, iOS, Java, .NET, Android, [insert technology of your choice].  Our selection is based on how well you communicate the intent of your session.  If you're passionate about a topic, we're passionate about having you speak at MADExpo!

If you want the "itemized" list of what we're looking for, here you go:

  • Languages and Frameworks
  • Databases
  • CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, SharePoint, etc)
  • UI/UX
  • Soft Skills and Best Practices
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Business (startups or general)
  • MADKidz
  • Surprise us!  You never know!

How many sessions should I submit?

We like variety.  If you give us one talk, there is only one reason to select you.  If you give us five talks, you're giving us something to work with!  You might have a really great session on "Building Epic Applications with jQuery", but I can ensure you that ten other people do as well.  A great range of topics makes it easier for us to select you for MADExpo.  In the past, we've also leaned a lot towards speakers that could do more than one talk (it's not a requirement, just holds more weight).

Are you offering workshops?

This option is definitely on the table (new this year).  If you have an idea for a half-day workshop, please let us know about it.

Can I submit for MADKidz this year?

If you're not familiar, MADKidz is our sub-conference for kids only!  In the last two years, this has been unstructured, but highly enjoyable for the kids that attended (and the adults that were present as well).

This year, we're working on structuring the content of MADKidz a little more.  One thing to note is that we'll have separate rooms for kids ages 6-9 and ages 10-12.  If you have a session that would appeal to either these age groups, SUBMIT it!

When will I know if I'm selected?

We are slating to announce speakers on March 18th.  Speakers will know before that date if they were selected or not.

Where do I sign up?

 http://madexpo.us/speakers and tell your friends/colleagues about us!

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