Why You Should Attend MADExpo 2011

A couple weeks ago we announced that we’re going to be holding our first regional event here in the Mid Atlantic, and the name of that event is MADExpo (Mid Atlantic Developer Expo).  Scheduled for June 30th – July 1st.  It’ll be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA.

Last week, we announced our pricing as well as opened up registration.  Early bird pricing starts at $99 and will run until May 1st.  After that, full pricing begins at $149.

BUT KEVIN?!  Code Camps and stuff are free!

That’s correct!  But code camps also have a fraction of what MADExpo is going to have, and suffer from regional fragmentation.  The goal of MADExpo is to unite all developers in the Mid Atlantic, and our sister regions, for two days of awesome developer content.

What should I look forward to?

Most code camps have a very “Microsoft” feel to them.  .NET this, C# that.  At MADExpo, we’re making certain that you have the opportunity to explore other avenues of software development.  If you’ve been curious about Ruby, we’re bringing in sessions built for you.  Have you seen people working with touch screens and Natural User Interfaces?  We have leading experts in the field to show you how it’s done!

There are beginners topics, and more advanced topics that’ll make you scratch your head.

But wait!  There’s more!

Additionally, we’re adding a full day side session devoted to electronics and hacking.  If you’re into soldering, or thought it looked interesting, take a talk through our own mini-Maker’s Faire.  Learn from geeks just like you who are building crazy machines with Arduino and code!

But I have kids…

Bring them along!  We’re proud to announce a one-day MADKidz workshop for kids of all ages.  This event will help your youngster learn more everything from software developer to electronics.

The other tangibles

This event is also about networking.  Meet other developers from other parts of the country (and maybe even different countries!)  Exchange ideas, discuss issues, and have fun!  I will always say that some of my best friends have come from the event I’ve attended.

The hidden secret

Want a free pass to MADExpo?  SPEAK!  Events like this are terrific opportunities to get out and flex your presentation muscles.  No developer subject is taboo.  Submitting costs nothing.  Go to http://madexpo.us/speakers to submit a talk!

Or just register!

Go!  Register for MADExpo right now.  It’s worth it!

Register for MADExpo 2011 in Hampton, VA  on Eventbrite

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