Windows Phone 7 Firestarter–Hampton Roads

Microsoft events are starting to roll across the country, and especially here in the Mid-Atlantic, for Windows Phone 7.  Unluckily, the good folks down here in Hampton Roads didn’t have much choice when it came to events we could realistically attend.  We either had the event in Chevy Chase, MD or Raleigh, NC.  That’s a minimum 3.5 to 4 hours one way to attend a Firestarter.

For a product as large as Windows Phone 7, I think that Hampton Roads (as well as our surrounding areas) needed an event to get the word out and teach people about how easy it is to developer Windows Phone applications.  That’s why on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 we’re hosting our own Windows Phone 7 Firestarter.

Big thanks goes out to Dave Isbitski for providing us the materials we need to offer this Firestarter.  This event will be presented by Kevin Hazzard, Paul Telkamp, and myself.  Community at it’s best!

If you’re interested in join us, please head over to the registration site for information:

Register for Windows Phone 7 Firestarter - Hampton Roads in Suffolk, VA  on Eventbrite

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