Writing Some Games

I'm a big advocate of programming for fun.  In fact, one of the major reasons I got into software development was because I wanted to write games.  However, there is this time in your career (right around college) when you discover developing games is only for a select few people, and the real software development (and money) is found in business applications.

But business apps are no fun!  People use them because they have to, and because they help get stuff done.  Nobody comes home and wants to sit down in front of a business app to relax.  Video games are fun, and also major developmental challenges!

I've been watching XNA Studio since the 1.0 release.  Easy to use, powerful, and fun!  XNA is now in its 3rd release with XNA Studio 3.0.  What's so great about XNA Studio 3.0?  Community Games!  Develop your game, and release your game on Xbox 360 for all the world to see (and pay for).  My experience with XNA has been limited: basic graphics output and control.  I'm ready to take that experience the next step forward, and build a real, functional, FUN game.  Stay tuned!  Hopefully you'll learn something, because I know I'm going to learn tons.

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