Application Insights - The Magic School Bus for Your Web Applications


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Ms. Frizzle and the kids are going on an adventure. Not into the human body. Not into outer space.

The Magic School Bus is going into your web applications to answer the questions that have been plaguing developers for centuries. How fast are my requests? How many requests am I getting per second? What resources are people asking for? What’s throwing errors?

Application Insights is an application performance service for web developers. It works across multiple platforms, including .NET, Node.JS, and more. It is designed to watch your applications at the granular level, and report back everything it sees. All this while not impacting your performance.

In this presentation, we will explore adding Application Insights to an existing web application and looking through its cloud-based portal at overview health and performance. Examples from existing production applications will be used to show off many of the features and cool things you can do!


Download the slides for this talk via my Dropbox