The Non-Techie Guide to Source Control

Update 1: Brandon pointed out a mistake in my math. Adjusted to reflect his comments. This is one of those posts that I have been meaning »

Review: Rollbase

Disclaimer: For this review, I was paid a fee for my time to review Progress Rollbase. I performed this review using the standard 30-day trial, which »

Review: Everleap

For this review, I am being provided a free account at Everleap for hosting my user group, the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group. If you are »

ASP.NET Performance Tips and Tricks Slides

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at GANG and GLUGNet on ASP.NET Performance Tips and Tricks. Both crowds were amazing, and I want »

MongoDB: Setting TTL on Documents

On some recent work I was doing with Winsitter, I needed an approach that would systematically remove documents after a specified period of time within MongoDB »

One Simple Rule for Successful Consulting

When you're suggesting business decisions for a client, think about it this way: If you were to flip the roles, would you take the advice you »