NoVA Code Camp 2015 - Building Real Time Web Applications with SignalR

I had a great time at NoVA Code Camp last weekend, and I wanted to get some slides and code up for everyone that might have »

Managing Your User Group: Sponsor Relationships

As a user group leader, you might have this feeling that you need to get sponsors for your user group. This is a common feeling! In »

Managing Your User Group: Calendar Roulette

One trait of successful user groups is don't play calendar roulette. Meaning: they chose a time or day each month to hold the group meeting. We »

I suck at writing unit tests, but I'm trying to change

65 tests I have just hit a personal record when it comes to writing unit tests. A measly 65 unit tests. I've always noticed that there »

Review: 7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers

During a flight from Norfok to Charlotte, I had the opportunity to read Ryan Castillo's new book 7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers. In this book »

Speaker Gifts

This post is a part of a series I wanted to do on simple user group management tips. When you visit a user group, the person »