Banks, ATMS, and Horrible User Experiences

Note: I'm pretty much going to rant about a bank experience I had. Lessons aren't obvious, but if you're designing something that's pretty dang important... make »

Paying Attention

Last week I did a training gig for a great group of folks out on the west coast. I worked from the comfort of my home »

Managing Your User Group: Locations

A common misconception a lot of new user group leaders have is that they need the perfect location for their user group. While that thought is »

How I'm Beating Email Addiction

Today, I really want to talk about email, because I see people everywhere having the same issue with email that I had. I used to be »

No matter what you do: add value

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with a gentleman about a potential mentoring gig. The way I like to approach these sort of talks is »

How to run Visual Studio Code from Zsh on Mac OSX

Using Visual Studio Code on your Mac, but can't call it from Zsh? Using Terminal? Go here Currently, there isn't an automatic method for doing this »