30 Day Facebook Ad Experiment

For those of you that know me, I'm an independent software developer. That means I generally have to act as the business leader and the talent at the same time. When I work with businesses, it's often my expertise and experiences with several subjects that make me worth the rates that I charge.

I read an article not too long ago that discussed ways to increase exposure through Facebook Ads. It was suggested that a dollar a day budget could promote something enough to gain significant traction. As a business owner, that's intriguing. As a guy that gives advice to business on how to best spend money, it seems like something worth testing out.

Today, I kicked off my 30 Day experiment with Facebook Ads. I'm keeping it really simple:

  • I set up a budget of $1 per day - $30 spent on potential business.
  • My goal is to increase Likes on my Facebook page.

As of 2/19/2014, I have 47 Likes on Facebook. LIKE ME

I'm going to track my progress on a daily basis, and report to the community on a weekly basis.

Okay, but what about the ad itself?

  • I'm limiting it to people who live in a 25 mile radius of Norfolk, VA and Richmond, VA. These are target areas where I would want to do business.
  • People who like Technology or Business. The idea is that business owners or people who make decisions.
  • I added several categories to my audience, I'll talk more about this at a later time.
  • Finally, anyone that doesn't already like my Page will be targeted. Why waste the money?

According to Facebook, I have a potential reach of 1,080,000 people. Wowza.

Have you used Facebook Ads? I'd love to hear your thoughts and case studies. Post a comment below.

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