30 Days Facebook Ad Challenge Results

Back on February 19th, I kicked off a 30 Day Facebook Ad Challenge. The goal being what would happen if I spent $1 per day on Facebook ads to direct traffic where I wanted it to go.

Thirty days have come and gone, so I think it's worth discussing the results.

The Results


It's worth noting that when you create a Facebook ad, they "assist" and build mulitple types of ads for you. In this case, I had three different stock images to choose from. Some were placed on the main timeline and some of the right column.

Total Reach: 11,343
Total Impressions: 11,994
Total Clicks: 44
Unique Clicks: 40

For $30 spent, I reached 11k unique people. Fourty of those people clicked on the ad (or .35%).

In total, I spent $30 on the project or about 68 cents per click.


The product I'm selling really doesn't do well for Facebook, in my opinion. In order for this to work, I would need to spend a considerable amount of time with the focusing tools to make sure the exact people I want to see my ad, do see it.

I think it's easier to sell people on going to an external page than asking people to Like a page. Unless you're a common brand, it's going to be really difficult.

Here's what I would like to do in the future for a product:

  • Create 1 or 2 unique funnel pages for the product. You can identify they came from Facebook, and work with that.
  • Offer deal only for Facebook users.
  • Get them on a mailing list. You're never going to see them again via that ad, so try to hook them.
  • Give something away. "Get our 50 ways to make a billion dollars for free... [if you give us your email address]"

Those are my thoughts. I'd love to hear yours. Leave a comment!

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