Attending DevIntersection? Griff's Picks

Although I don't get the chance to go to many of these large conferences, I enjoy perusing the schedules and seeing what I would attend if I were at the conference.  This week, I'm looking at the DevIntersection schedule and thought I would share my picks if I were at the conference.

BTW, by not mentioning a talk, I'm not saying the speaker is bad or the session is crap.  I'm just saying that I wouldn't attend if I were present.  Use free time to chat with people in the Expo Hall or hallway.  This can be a better use of your time than sitting in a session you're not getting anything out of.

Monday, December 10th

AS03: 5 Tips for Better JavaScript - Todd Anglin Todd is a great speaker, and JavaScript is in your future (even if it isn't now).  Might as well learn how to write better JavaScript! AS12: KnockoutJS, Data Binding and JavaScript - John Papa John and I are very much aligned on the technology spectrum.  In this session, he's talking about one of my favorite libraries to use in JavaScript development.  Also be sure to go chat with him afterwards, he knows Mickey Mouse. AS13: Single-Page Apps - John Papa Another John Papa session, but you're sure to see some cool demos.  I would venture a guess that John will be showing off his Code Camp demo, which is very slick and a great learning tool for several concepts. Keynote3: Angle Brackets, Curly Braces, One ASP.NET and the Cloud - Scott Hanselman Scott Hanselman is a master presenter, and this is a great presentation.  Don't miss it.

Tuesday, December 11th

WA01: Azure Websites: How Far Can They Take You? - Zonier Tejada I've never seen Zonier present before, so this session would be a stab in the dark.  However, if you haven't used Azure Websites for anything yet, you'll do yourself a favor to see they demoed at least once during this trip. WA02: Windows Azure Essentials for the Startup - Michele Leroux Bustamante I saw Michele give this session at TechEd, and I highly recommend it if you're not too familiar with Azure performance.  Disregard the Startup aspect, as this talk is good for anyone wanting to do hardcore Azure development. VS35: Visual Studio Update 1 and Beyond - Matt Nunn VS Update 1 is a big deal, and if you're not doing Azure, go to this instead.  I'm very much a fan of some the enhancements to Update 1. Keynote5: Windows Azure and the Cloud - Scott Guthrie It's the Gu.

Wednesday, December 12th

AS25: Modern JavaScript - Scott Allen More JavaScript! AS03: Ten Web Performance Tuning Tips - Richard Campbell This will probably be a very popular talk, because most web developers don't think about performance of web applications.  I've seen Richard talk about load testing Web Apps before, and he definitely knows his stuff in this area.  You're sure to walk out with tasking for your current projects. Ice Cream Break Yummy.

I hope if you're at DevIntersection you enjoy all the people and sessions available to you.  Again, don't waste time in sessions you're not passionate in.  A good session will grab you at the beginning.


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