Election Results via Xbox Smartglass

Yesterday was election day, and I decided that I wanted to watch the election results on Xbox.  I was a huge fan of watching the debates on Xbox, as they were crisp and clear in full streaming HD.  There were also polling information as part of the experience.  As the candidates discussed topics, questions would pop up on the screen for viewers to answer.  After a couple seconds, the real time results would be visible.

Last time, I was expecting the same and was disappointed.

Who cares about full screen?

First thing you would have noticed watching the coverage last night was that Xbox took the NBC feed, and letterboxed it on HD TVs.  The screen was outlined by a bright blue NBC logo.  I know for a fact that NBC delivers full HD content, but I do not understand why we couldn't get that for the results.  Maybe it had something to do with bandwidth or performance, but that shouldn't have mattered.  The debates worked perfectly.

Smartglass integration was dumb.

Smartglass is really cool.  It's nice to be able to pull out my phone and control my Xbox on the fly.  If I'm watching a movie, I can get lots of great information about who's in it and even recommended movies like that one.  I haven't had the chance to play a game with Smartglass integration yet, but it's being sold as a great companion to game experience.

The election results last next had Smartglass integration.  Pretty much the only thing useful about Smartglass was not having to pick up my controller to answer the poll questions on the screen.  How fantastic would it have been to be able to look at the vote counts by state and across the country.  What if you could haveve filtered by President/Senate/House seats?  There was so much potential for this integration, and it was wasted.


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