I’m A MVP!

Someone over at Microsoft must like me, because they decided to award me with a Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev.  mvp-h-smallThis is a huge honor for me, as it proves that people really notice the work you put into the community.  I’ve had such a blast working with all the talented men and women I’ve met in the community.  From my very first user group meeting in Richmond, VA to recently being selected for multiple sessions at DevLink, my experiences in the community have been awesome.

Working in the community really has been a labor of love for me.  The experiences I’ve had have impacted me as a professional, and will continue to shape my professional directions in the future.

Really, I couldn’t have done a fraction of the stuff I’ve done without the help of several people:  First, my wonderful wife for putting up with all my community stuff.  The crew in the Richmond developer community for bringing me in and treating me like family. Roanoke Code Camp for giving me my first opportunity to speak. The Hampton Roads developer community for helping me prove that it could be done. Microsoft developer evangelists for giving advice and promoting my professional growth. Antech Systems, my employer, for giving me the time to travel and improve myself.  Finally, Microsoft for producing technologies that make me excited to be a software developer.

Here’s to a great year of trying to be a better professional and helping others be better professionals.

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