Richmond Code Camp 2009.1

Richmond Code Camp 2009.1 is Saturday, April 25th.

What is a code camp?  A code camp is an all day event for developers by developers.  The easiest way to think of a code camp is to think about a great developer conference (TechEd, DevConnections, etc) and take away the entry fee.  Almost all the speakers are locals (or within a few hours drive).  This means you're learning straight from your peers, not some highly paid professional speaker.  All the speakers are passionate about what they do and what they present on.  A day at code camp is a day not wasted!

If you've never been to a code camp before, Richmond is the place to get started.  There is a great speaker line up (including me).  I will be giving my intro to WPF talk again.  There will a lot of great people to meet and hang out with.  Hope you all can make it!

Register At or go to for more information!

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